Rádio Alternativa 21


Músicas em destaque esta semana na programação da Rádio Alternativa 21 (WRL Rádio 4 Indie). Emissão online: www.radioalternativa21.wrl.pt/player

The Raconteurs
“Bored and Razed”
NEW (15/6/2019)

Bon Iver
“U (Man Like)”
added (7/6/2019)

Capitão Fausto
“Amor, a Nossa Vida”
added (7/6/2019)

“Blaze Away”

The Black Keys
“Lo Hi”

“Ill Wind”

Vampire Weekend
“This Life”

The Black Keys
“Eagle Birds”

Vampire Weekend
“Harmony Hall”

Twin Shadow
“Only For the Broken Hearted”

Billie Eilish
“All the Good Girls Go to Hell”

Tame Impala

Tame Impala

The Legendary Tigerman
“Motorcycle Boy”

Patrick Watson
“Melody Noir”

“Calling Out”

First Breath After Coma

Lana Del Rey

“Heavy California”

The National
“You Had Your Soul With You”

“O Amor Sincero”

Flying Lotus
“More” (ft Anderson .Packs)

Florence & The Machine
“Big God”

Cat Power
“Woman” (feat Lana Del Rey)

Local Natives
“Megatone Mile”

James Blake
“Are You in Love?””

Billie Eilish
“Bury Friend”

Arcade Fire
“Baby Mine”

Arctic Monkeys
“Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino”

Best Youth
“Take My Breath Away”

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